Kanji XML

This sub project is the current KanjiXML file and its description or XML Schema file.

The XML file will be available in a few different types, depending on how much time I have to do each seperate release.

The file may be produced in the following Unicode encodings:

Java Kanji XML (JKanjiXML)

This sub project includes the Java Data structures to hold the KanjiXML data, Classes to read the data from the original kanjidic file format, and the Classes to read and wrote to the XML format. The project also includes the tools used to add different indices to the XML file. These can be used as examples of how to use the Libraries in a program or used to create more programs to add data to the XML file.

Kanji XSLT

This sub project contains XSLT files to translate the XML file to a number of different formats. It will some day include a XSLT to translate the XML file back to the kanjidic file format. Since each person or program will require different fields these XSLT files will most likely be a good template to use in extracting the information you require.